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The Topic of Goodnews Daily Devotional for 11th May 2023 Is “Don’t Take Offence ”

Today’s  Scripture: Luke 17:1 (KJV)

Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!

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A true Christian must have a teachable spirit to accept correction and take honest rebukes to better their lives. If you decide never to change, of course, the simplest of corrections will be taken as an offense. Unforgiveness swallowed by taking offense is like a slow poison taken by the one who takes offense.

This will slowly drain your energy, blur your vision and derail your focus, don’t be tricked by the enemy. Never be offended over little things or trivial matters. Choose to be joyful in the face of adversity. Learn to forgive when offended, and don’t be the one through whom an offense is perpetrated. Today’s scripture implies that offense is inevitable in our dealings with fellow Christians. However, a spirit-filled Christian shouldn’t take offense when corrected. Spiritual growth, at times, cannot happen in isolation or correction.

There is a charge upon the man of God to correct and edify, all this is done with love to strengthen the Christian. A father who loves his children will chasten them with the sole intent of building them up for a greater assignment ahead. During prophetic moments I tell people to accept some form of discomfort for a few minutes and experience a glorious life of abundance for a lifetime. Let this be your mindset.

My heart is steadfast on the Lord and will not be moved by offenses regardless of their intensity. I will draw my strength from God’s Word and declare victory over every offense in Jesus name!

FURTHER STUDY 1 Peter 2:23

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