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The Topic of Goodnews Daily Devotional for 10th May 2023 Is “The Call”

Today’s  Scripture: Matthew 14:29 (KJV)

 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on water, to go to Jesus.

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The main Word you need to underline in this verse is “come”. The assumptions of the disciples, fears, and apprehension all faded when Jesus mentioned to them, “come”. Though in the preceding verse of the same chapter, it was Peter who asked Jesus to be commanded to come, but Jesus simply said “come” without mentioning the name, it means any of the disciples or all of them could have jumped out of the boat and walked on water like Peter.

The fact that Peter bravely took the first step after being commanded by the Lord Jesus means he was eager to put his faith in action, thus defying the molecular viscosity of water by walking on it. As long as Peter looked up to Jesus, he was fine walking on water.

The only moment that made Peter sink was when he took his eyes off the Lord. You must understand as long as you are focused on Jesus, your supernatural experience will be unending, your business will continue to grow, and your impact and relevance will be outstanding. Let Jesus be your focal point, your shield of defense as He continues to say “come,” and surely, you will not go down!


My focus is clear and I will not be blinded by detractors. I have been called to do exploits, I shall not falter nor fail until my God-given destiny is manifested now and forever in Jesus’ name.


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