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Ex-Buddhist Monk Encounters Jesus, Becomes Pastor

Ex-Buddhist Monk Encounters Jesus, Becomes Pastor- read Full details Here. We gladly welcome you to Stevo’s Info Portal

During a recent 3-day, 360 mile trip to distribute radios to distant towns bordering Laos and Vietnam, our Cambodia team met a man who introduced himself as Pastor Sam Em.

Pastor Em

The team was surprised to meet him for two reasons: (1) it is rare to meet a Christian pastor in this area, and (2) Pastor Sam Em was once a Buddhist monk!

Pastor Em shared his incredible story. Years ago God had begun speaking into his life through FEBC’s radio programs. Although he remained a monk for several more years, he continued to listen. Over time he became increasingly interested in Jesus. Finally, God opened his eyes to the truth of the Gospel and he walked away from his old life to follow Christ.

In his own words, he expressed his gratitude, “I thank God for guiding me away from Buddhism towards Christ and to make me His messenger of hope to others. Thank you, FEBC, for opening my eyes and my heart to hear the Word of God. I pray He will give you the power to spread the Gospel to many more of my people.”

Hearing this extraordinary testimony was such a surprise encouragement to FEBC’s Cambodia team. God used this interaction to reinforce how powerful it is to simply put the Word of God on the airwaves and encourage people to listen so they can hear the Gospel in their own language.

And amazingly, that same day God used Pastor Em to assist FEBC in sharing the Gospel (see above image of Pastor Em distributing radios). There were some people standing nearby from other ethnic groups who did not speak Khmer (Cambodia’s main language). So Pastor Em stepped forward and began to interpret. It was a wonderful day: meeting new believers, distributing radios, sharing Christ, and hearing how God had changed Pastor Em’s life!

Courtesy: Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC).

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