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How to Overcome an Overwhelming Fear of Fire – Pyrophobia

Fear of Fire – Pyrophobia -Everything you need to know about it.

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Pyrophobia is a fear of fire, which can be considered irrational if beyond what is considered normal. This phobia is ancient and primordial, perhaps since mankind’s discovery of fire.


The emotional or psychological symptoms of pyrophobia can include:

  • sudden feelings of intense, unreasonable fear when thinking about, speaking about, or being around fire
  • an inability to control your feelings of fear even though you know they are irrational or unreasonable
  • avoidance of fire or situations where fire may be present
  • difficulty functioning or going about your day-to-day activities due to your fear of fiIre
  • Fast heartbeat


  • shortness of breath or rapid breathing
  • tightness in your chest
  • sweating
  • shaking or trembling
  • dry mouth
  • needing to go to the bathroom
  • nausea
  • feeling dizzy or faint

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