We(Stevo’s Portal Team) gladly inform you about JOEL OSTEEN DAILY DEVOTIONAL THURSDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2023 – A CHILD OF GOD

The Topic of Joel Osteen Devotional for 7Th September 2023 Is “A Child of God”

Friend, who told you that you can’t accomplish your dreams? Who told you that you’re less-than, not good enough, not smart enough? Who told you that you can’t be happy? Who says you’ve had too many bad breaks, that the obstacles are too big? That may be true if you were average or ordinary, but I know something about you. Your Father in heaven loves you with a great love. You have royal blood flowing through your veins. You have the spiritual DNA of Almighty God. You are wearing a crown of favor. You’re the King’s son, the King’s daughter.

Maybe you’ve had some bad breaks, you’ve been overlooked or pushed down, but have the right perspective: You’re a child of the King, and it’s time for you to reign. You haven’t made too many mistakes. Your obstacles are not too big. Get your passion back. Get your fire back. You wouldn’t be reading this if God wasn’t about to do something unusual, something unprecedented. You’re on the verge of seeing favor that you’ve never seen.

“Father, thank You for being my Father and loving me with a great love. Help me to quit believing the lies that say I’m less-than or that I can’t overcome something. I believe and declare that I am a child of the Most High God and that I’m going to reign over what has reigned over me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Devotional is written by Joel & Victoria Osteen. He is an American televangelist, theologian, speaker, and author who attracted millions of followers with his simple and positive sermons and his best-selling books….read more.


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