Watch the  livestream of Oak Cliff’s Sunday worship service with ease. The OCBF sunday service is aired live from their headquarters, 808 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75232, United States of America.

Dr. Tony Evans is the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, a 10,000-member church that focuses on teaching the Bible and disciplining its members to make a difference in the world.

OCBF Sunday Live
OCBF Sunday Live

How do I connect to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Sunday Service?

To watch the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Sunday service, click the play button below to begin and you will be connected to the Live Broadcast.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

You are watching Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Sunday Service Live Online

Alternatively, you can join the Sunday service via YouTube here.

Sunday Service Times at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

What time is OCBF Sunday Service? Tony Evans Live

This Sunday, you may attend the life-altering encounter at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship by participating in their online service. The following is a schedule of their Sunday services:

1st Service: 8:00am In person
2nd Service: 11:00am In-person and Online service

All times stated are at the Central Standard Time (CST)

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Sunday Service Ministers.

Who will be ministering Live this Sunday at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship?

Pastor Tony Evans, the lead pastor, Rev’d Norman Vasquez, Rev’d Parick Dopson, Rev’d Jonathan Evans, Rev’d Bobby Gibson are some of the officiating ministers at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

About Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) has set in motion a Kingdom Agenda, our comprehensive worldview and philosophy of life and ministry.  The Kingdom Agenda is defined as the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life. This rule is reflected through the four divinely ordained spheres of the individual, the family, the church and the government.

At OCBF, we teach our members the principles of the Kingdom of God so they learn to function under the authority of the Kingdom in every dimension of life. Through the proper blending of God’s Word with good works, the goal of our church is to visibly model God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


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