OUR DAILY MANNA FOR WEDNESDAY 3RD MARCH 2021 – THE BATTLE WAS TIME BOUND! DARKNESS PROMOTES-read full details below, feel at Home you are on Stevo’s Portal

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Our Daily Manna daily devotional by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe for today is here. Digest the word of the lord and pray believing in his promises.

Our daily manna Devotional

The Topic of Our Daily Manna for 3rd March 2021 Is “THE BATTLE WAS TIME BOUND! DARKNESS PROMOTES”

Basic Scriptures: ECCLESIASTES 3 : 1-8, GENESIS 18 : 1-1

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Vs 14 of today’s 2nd scripture says: “Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.” Note the words: “AT THE TIME APPOINTED”! Ah! Those who were mocking Sarah’s barrenness never knew it was time bound. Even Sarah herself never knew that her childlessness had an expiry date attached to it. And what the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional is that in this New Year 2021, ANY ALLOWED BATTLE IN YOUR LIFE IS TIME BOUND! Fear not! Yes, your testimony, expansion, business breakthrough, OPEN REWARD STORY, promotion answers, expectations and marital connection has an appointed time. God has a timetable for your destiny and He will ensure that it is not disrupted by anything, anybody or any power. Also note that stars cannot shine without darkness! Life is battle and war, but there are victories also!

Most of the stars you admire, you admire them because of darkness. Stars are beautified by darkness. Whatever God allows you to go through will beautify you at last. Oh! Battles bake and refine you and bring out the best in you! In 1 Samuel 1:1-18, Hannah went through a knock down of childlessness which brought shame, ridicule and mockery to her, but she refused to be knocked out. Hannah made a vow to God and the vow is called, “THE NAZARENE VOW.” One of the ways to end reproach is by making a vow to God. She vowed that if God would bless her with a male child, she would give him back to God and no RAZOR would come upon his head. Hannah was saying, “LORD, I will not share the glory of this child with You; he will be all Yours.”

In other words, the child will be a Nazarene, set apart for God’s service all the days of his life. The razor vow is a sharp and painful vow you make to commit yourself to God and provoke heaven’s attention. Another thing Hannah did was that she refused to take a “NO” for an answer as she groaned in prayer to God and she was tagged a drunkard. She was like a mad woman! She was aggressive, radical and crazy for solution. Yes, in this year 2021, be radical and crazy about life. Go for crazy determination! Be mad for God and walk by faith daily until your world calls you MAD! Remember that it is darkness that brings out the glory of the stars. There is a “butterfly” in you! Peace!


1. Take Song 1: Christian seek not yet…
2. Thank God and pray about today’s word as led now.
3. God will never leave me EMPTY! O God, perfect ALL that concerns me this year.
4. I refuse to give up! Lord, restore all I have ever lost!
5. In this year 2021, I refuse to struggle or fear! I shall trust again! LORD, by Your grace, let me RECOVER all.
6. I shall encourage myself daily this year even in the CHAOS of every storm! I reject discouragement and self-pity now.
7. Pray about today now as led.

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